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Therapy Dog III

Therapy Dog III programs focus mainly

on crisis, grief and illness therapy .  

Interactions between Therapy teams and clients soley one-on-one. Teams may host therapy with patients and their families. Therapy Dog III is a level appropriate for professional Therapy and Counselling Teams.


What is a "Disaster Stress Relief" Therapy Dog?

During times of the crisis of a natural disaster or the disaster of domestic violence, a trained therapy dog can provide a distraction and shift focus from the current situation to alleviate depression and stop feelings of being over whelmed.  

Recent studies have shown a Disaster Stress relief Therapy Dog can be an important part of PTSD treatment and prevention during of traumatic stress  due to crisis.

  • Hospice and ICU family centers

  • Critical care units/Emergency rooms

  • Red Cross Disaster Relief locations

  • Shelters for Natural disaster victims

  • Domestic Violence Shelters

  • Professional Therapy Partners


the strong silent type. Takes his time when greeting and doesn't invade your space. Intuitive and responsive to human mood swings, he enjoys quiet nights of Netflix and chill over a ball game. 

Therapy III dogs often visit ICU, Critical care and Emergency room units, where the staff experiences tremendous loss with young children.    It takes a toll on the psyche and moral of those who work with the terminally ill. Regular visits to the first responders and staff of critical care units can be as helpful as visits to the patients.

Required Reading for Therapy III:

"The Emotional Lives of Animals" by Jeffrey Moussaeif Mason

"JJ's Journey: A story of heroes and heart" by Tracy Calhoun

  • Deep pressure Therapy

  • Prolonged bodily/eye contact

  • Reciprocal affection and communication with another living being

  • Distraction from situation

  • Non judgemental  communication with uninvolved parties

Steps to becoming a

Therapy Dog III Team....

  1. CGC or Kennel Club Equivalent

  2. 10 week Training Program

  3. Public Access Certification

  4. Registration with TDI

  5. Handler education and certification

  6. Some experience with counselling and/or disaster preparedness.*

UKC's Obedience Title and testing

*You may need to obtain certification from more than one organizations for most

Therapy Dog III programs

12 week Training Program  

We will have a 2 hour "Introduction To Therapy Dog III Work"  will cover:


THE "TEAM" - your responsibilities as a volunteer/your duties as your dog's advocate
THE PLACE - choosing which facilities would be best for your TEAM/what to do and who to see once you get there.
THE PEOPLE - Preparing for and executing a good therapy session, reading when to end a session.

                          determine the needs of your students, patients and their educators/therapists/medical professionals     

THE RED TAPE - Registering with the appropriate organization, insurance and facility protocol


Weeks I through V will be laying foundations of commands, Tasks and Work. Learning the steps needed for the behavior you are looking for.  Clicker training and mark/reward patterns are set.

Weeks V and VI are practical application of the previous lessons, solidifying behaviors needed to succeed at Public Access Training.  Certifying organizations are chosen. Regulations are learned and coinciding behaviors taught.  Handler must complete required reading by this time.

Weeks VII through IX are Public Access training, field trips to hospitals and nursing facilities

Weeks X through XII are preparations and mock-up field trails of Therapy Dog/Handler team performance

Therapy Dog III       rate schedule

TD III - Therapy Dog III

STARTER PACK - includes CGC training, evaluation and certification

Professional Package - Includes AKC Community Canine and/or Public Access

Training and Certification

Handling and processing of all paperwork

fees included.

12 week TD- III program


4 weeks + 12 week TD- III program

$450 - $550

6 weeks + 12 week TD- II program

$450 - $650


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