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Early Spring 2021

 "Workingman's "





Winter 2021-22




 the dogs of


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"Workingman's Dead"  

What we hope to achieve with this Litter:

Set some genetics for our founding lines with a large dose of Auggie and bring forward in Stella what we so loved in Toodles

CLICK HERE  for Workingmans Litter page

"American Beauty" & "SkullnRoses

What we hope to achieve with this Litter:

We bringing in the CMD  to add to our lines; gaining size, coat, and toning down the GSD activity with a slower paced Livestock Guardian temperament

CLICK HERE for these litter's pages

"Europe '72" - 2022

"Mars Hotel" - 2023

"Blues for Allah" - 2025

What we hope to achieve with these litters:

Bringing together the heavy concentration of Auggie's Unique look in Workingman's  with the size and weight of our CMD outcross of choice we are hoping to attain something close to a wolfy look.   Mars Hotel and Blues for Allah litters will bring together the most desirable features of our selected. The temperament on these dogs will be OUTSTANDING - perfect for use in Therapy. Light furnishings will make a re-appearance for a while as we look to work with the no mask feature and feathered wolf dorsal cape available in our next outcross.   CLICK HERE for litter's pages


Waitlist for Workingman's is


Waitlist for American Beauty is


Waitlist for SkullnRoses is 


     OPEN PERMANENT Waitlist:

1. Hollenbaugh

2. Gerardo

3. Clemson

4. D&L Patt

5. Sigfried

6. Leonard & Craig

7. Collins

8. McCurdy

9. Sprague

10. Merkin


12. Counterly

13. Harmon

Past Litters