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Puppy and Adult Training - in house

We offer training on most of the dogs and puppies we place.   From puppy obedience to socializing and exposure, we want to make the transition and fur ever life to be the best that it can be.  For Service tasks and Therapy Dog skill sets please see "TRAINING" in the top menu

Choose a program

Offered to pups younger than 6 months

Select one program for cost of puppy    + $450

Combine 2 programs for Cost of puppy+ $800



E-Containment system

Pups are taught to stay within boundaries set by flags placed up to a 3/4 acre radius. The remote system uses a safe, pain free static charge to dissuade the pup from approaching the flags. Pup will come with unit.  Trainer support includes home visit or remote zoom training. 3 weeks


Crate training

Pups are taught to be comfortable with a kennel for meal times and overnight.  Housebreaking can be started with this option, but the results cannot be guaranteed without some transitional training by the new owner. 4 weeks


Light leash work

Pups are taught to use an "Easy-walk" harness for the basics of heeling and walking in sync with people without pulling. Basic obedience commands are started and pups are taught to auto-sit.  

3 weeks


Travel preparedness

Feeling safe and secure on the road is important for both you and your canine travel comapnion.  Pups will be taught to travel comfortably in either a crate or seat belt (your choice) and be comfortable taking potty breaks on leash. 3 weeks

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