We will be working on three separate lines in an attempt to draw the best from all three Unicorn males we have been graced with knowing: 

Auggie, Bo and Caspian. (Pedigrees linked to pictures)

The girls we will found our lines with are Bonnie, Pearl and Althea. (Pedigrees linked to pictures).

When in the process of developing a line of breeding dogs, it is imperative that the lines coincide with the generations produced.  For example, 3 rd generations must breed only with other 3rd generation dogs. Breeding a first generation to a fourth generation sets back the diversity and genetic integrity.

Below are the charts and graphs for my breeding program, plans and upcoming pairings.  Please ASK! if you need more detail: shawnadavies80113@gmail.com

The Litter Groups

Bear's Choice


W2E King Boaz
Anatolian Shepherd  


The Wharf Rats

August West of Fennario Kennels

August West
German Shepherd x Malamute

ABpups6weeks (2).JPG

Europe '72
and other live compilations


Caspian & The
Colorado Mountain Dogs

Althea - FLF _Apple_.JPG