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I am Thunder
From "Let it Grow"

Colorado Mountain Dog G4

Reg # FEN011-DST-5    female

CMDR Registration # - TOF

D.O.B -  5/17/24

Birth Notes: 4th born, sac on, normal presentation


Sire: PAWD Stagger Lee         Dam: TOF "Baloo" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

This puppy is never hard to find. Everytime I check on them she is at the back teat, eating away. She sings and grunts while she eats,  The "runt" of the litter, she has to hurry and catch up.  Cute cute cute little face, balancing her ears nicely on her head.  When placed on the scale she turned in circles the hwole time. for the turnover she grunted and tried to right herself immediately.

score    5-6                     Collar color -      purple            weight  17 oz.

This puppy was the only puppy still a little under-the weather for the temperament tests. So I am going to leave her scores as 5-6, but I trully don't believe this reflects her actual temperament. From the behavior I have observed in the few days since she's been in normal health status, she has shown me a lovely quiet, soft and cuddly self.

Thunder stayed still for the turn over, watching me closely. Tried to right herself after only a few seconds. It didn't work right away and she let out a mighty yell. Scared me how loud it was. The dangle was interesting. She was very stiff at first, little grunts. Then went limp all of sudden, quiet. Then started wiggling to be let down.  All in about 5 seconds.  Dropped object was fine - she looked at it, approached sniffing but didn't manipulate it in any way.  When placed back in the nest she scooted around the nest till she found a sibling to wrap herself around. Beautiful little expressive face and a well balanced body.  Score 5-6          Dewclaws both rear legs                  weight 4.9 lbs

6 week notes plus Score card

By six weeks old our puppies have moved to an indoor/outdoor enclosure and have had introductions to the big wide world. The notes we give here will include the baseline temperament scores we  use to match this pup with it's furever home.

A "Thunder"
Photo Journal

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