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From "Loser""

Colorado Mountain Dog G4

Reg # FEN011-DST-2    Female

CMDR Registration # - TOF

D.O.B -  5/17/24

Birth Notes: 2nd born, sac on, normal presentation


Sire: PAWD Stagger Lee         Dam: TOF "Baloo" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

Smaller boned and more refined.  This is the only puppy in the temp tests to vacalize loudly, three times, when placed back in the nest.   When placed on the scale she turned first one way then the other, head bobbing vigorously. Tolerated being turned over but when she was done she was done, flipping herself back over in a smooth motion.  Her black mask seems to be turning slate grey, little pink nose.

score     5-6                    Collar color -    pink    weight  17 oz.

At three weeks little Abby was really struggling. (See litter notes) She has remained smaller and less dominant than her siblings, and was challenged at remaining on the teat long enough to get a full belly. As a result she became weak quickly. We started separating her so she could feed by herself. We enjoyed this bonding time - Abby, Balo and I. Occasionally we supplemented her mommy feeding with puppy milk replacer.  Temperament testing and ENS were not performed as she needed rest and food at that point. 

 Score - 5-6*                       Clean legs (no rear dewclaws)         weight 2.3 lbs!!!!

As of this writing (4 weeks) she can be scored at 5-6, with note that these results are skewed because of all the handling.  It's a common result of malnutrition rehab that the animal will become panicky when they are hungry. She does have a higher anxiety around meal time. We will be working extensively with her in the next few weeks to bring her up to speed with her littermates.  Currently, she will not be offered for rehome until I can be certain she has a stable temperament. 

6 week notes plus Score card

By six weeks old our puppies have moved to an indoor/outdoor enclosure and have had introductions to the big wide world. The notes we give here will include the baseline temperament scores we  use to match this pup with it's furever home.

An "Abeliene"
Photo Journal

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