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American Alsatian Auggie


August West

Merlin of Vallecito      Male,      Born Jun 22 2015,      HL0010-2,        F-1,

Coat=Silver - short, Eyes=brown,   Breeder=DirewolfDogs of Vallecito

Notes=Merlin is the beginning of a new GSD line (white)

Granted NAABA Stud Book entry August 2016     

Granted American Alsatian Trademark May 2017

Sire: Hemi #M/RA4002- F-1,      DAM: Lexi White G. Shepherd

Augusts's Littermates 2015

August's Offspring

Littergroup: FOUNDER - Wharf Rat

Wharf Rat - Grateful Dead
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Augusts photo journal

Trait                                                            RAW                              9 mos.          2 yrs.



August has a lovely light silver wolf sable coat with a distinct dorsal cape and pre-caudal gland "Diamond" on the tail, which has a beautiful black "brush" at the end that bounces when he walks due to the slight curl in his tail.

This he gains from his grand dad

Mt. Rainier, original outcross Giant Malamute (or M'Loot for you dog history buffs)     He sheds profusely in the springtime, with  regular moulting period preceding a steady shed year round. It is so profuse that he is slightly darker in the summer time because of lack of creamy-white undercoat.

He is an x-large dog, ranging 105 to 115 lbs., and measuring 28" at the shoulder. He doesn't like walking in the rain, the raincoat size that fits him is x-large.  That is his boot size too. He doesn't like walking in slush or puddles. 

He is too small to fit Dire Wolf Project / American Alsatian standards - taking his German Shepherd heritage slender athletic build. His bones are too oval in contour for the exact dimensions of dire wolf fossil records, but have the solid and smooth movement of excellent genetic breeding. At three years old he shows no sign of any hitches in his giddy-up.  This is a solid stallion of a dog.

His temperament is outstanding. I wanted to write down for-the-record, a few observations on Auggie's behavior, that I do believe will be constituent of a companion dog's temperament, and definitely will be looking for these "oddities" in my pups.
1. HE LOVES, loves, being held, hugged, layed on top of, and handled while he's chewing on toys, and bones. He has NO POSSESION ISSUES, quite the opposite, he has sharing issues. He prefers to eat out of the bowl with another dog at the same time. He'll wait, until Ami the poodle eats, then he'll knock his bowl over beside hers and eat at the same time. He "would" eat out of the same bowl if we let him, but he'll setlle for bowl buddies. He will bring his bones over so we can hold them while he chews on them. He will to the AA "LEAN" while tearing up his stuffies. If he can, he will place the stuffy ON us, and tear it up while we "help" him. sharing issues.
2. He will get very hot (with temperature tape, I can read an increase of 2 degrees) on his forehead and between his eyes when he is especially cuddly, or when we hug him. He LOVES being hugged. The tighter and more covering the better. (This is not true of children, just adults - he "tolerates" kid hugs.) He has remained in a hug for 13 minutes, not moving, just breathing steady.
3. He does not bark to warn of territorial interference. He will leave what ever boundary is being compromised and throw himself against you (this is done by swinging his butt around to hit whatever is available, always counter clockwise.) until you get up to see what the problem is. He will them remain BEHIND us, watching, but never steps in front of us. I did no training for this.
4. Auggie chews his food. Every little piece is daintily chewed and swallowed. He drinks water the same way. He will not eat food from the floor. Only in bowls or plates or from your hand (Again, no training)
5. He LOVES wearing clothes. What ever we put on him will make his head hot. He prances. Boots? He still looks at them, and us, the boots, back to us, when he is on the verge of getting ready to go out. Stands like a statue to be dressed. Will concentrate and practice wearing what ever we put on him. If it falls off, he will stop dead until you put it back on.
6. Very concerned when people cry. Gets clingy and almost over-sympathises by insisting he be cuddled.

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