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Bonnie works professionally with RMCD clients providing

Animal Assisted Therapy and is 

registered with 


Bonnie Lee's Temperament Scores

BASELINE - Nov.  21-28 2020

Fennario's Bonnie Lee

Colorado Mountain Dog

CMD registry #CNK021F001G3  

DOB 5/9/20

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Temperament evaluations are begun the second our dogs walk through our door. We begin to record observed behavior as soon as the pups are born.  Through careful observation of the dog's "baseline" reactions and inherent coping mechanisms, we can gain an at-a-glance understanding of the dog's behaviors  before and after our influence. 

See more about our temperament tests and how we score our dogs

1. Social Attraction:  7-8: Bonnie likes people very much and indeed seems more at ease when people approach then when dogs approach. She will start to try to meet other people but doesn't insist. She seems to ask handler if its OK to go see the people, cause she REALLY wants to.

2. Following 7-8: On leash she will use the sight of the leash to guide her, does not follow inside or in yard off leash, unless asked to.  Looks to human for guidance on which direction to go.

3. Restraint 5-6: Waits to see what the restraint is for. Tolerates full body hugs really well, does NOT tolerate feet or head restraint.

4. Social Dominance: 7-8 She sleeps in the middle of the room. Enjoys being looked at. Puts herself between Auggie and people to make herself seen. Understands when attention is being paid to her as special.

5. Emotional Availability: 3-4 Very happy puppy and shows it. Wags a lot, smiles with her whole face. I have only had one occasion to witness fear and it was the first few minutes driving away from her breeder she panicked and yelled drooled profusely. I got into the back seat and touched her through the bars of the kennel. She stopped the behavior immediately - within an hour was laying down in the kennel relaxed. Her recoup from the panic was amazing to watch.

6. Job oriented tasking 3-4: She is new to pleasing humans and hasn't experienced the full on dopamine rush of doing so yet.  She will seek self-reward over looking to us to reward her.  She quickly picks up behaviors that will make us dispense treats. Or allow her to get to something she wants.

7. Touch sensitivity: 5-6 She feels light touch, and is responsive to heavy petting by turning into it.  Clear about desire to move away from irritating or painful stimuli.  Wholly uncertain about this one I feel I need more time to score this accurately.

8. Sound sensitivity: 7-8 solid with sudden noises flinches but doesn't flee. Curious or different sounds do not attract her that much.  Response to voice tones is not inate. Experience is teaching her how to respond to sound.

9. Sight sensitivity: 7-8 Tossed objects well within her peripheral are missed or delayed. She lags in response.

10. Stability 7-8:Doesn't change her demeanor much between stressful and normal situations.  She responds to adversive stimuli so subtly that recovery is hard to gauge

11. Barking/vocal/pitch: 5-6 - Has only barked at deer passing through, not visitors. It was deep and calculated.

12. Digging:  None so far -  overturned a rock once and that s all she has done with her feet to manipulate the ground.

13. Destructive: 3-4 yes oh my yes. Everything she gets is taken apart immediately. 3-4

14. Human Object awareness 5-6: Seems to have a innate respect for our things, - has not shown destructive interest to anything but her toys.

15. Boundaries/Barriers 3-4: won't push past anything set up to block. Moves back from closing doors.  Hasn't pushed at the fence or gates

16. Swallowing compulsion 3-4: When she arrived here she was pooping out toy bits from her previous home. Her destruction is complete and she will swallow little bits. She does not swallow to protect.  Does not swallow large pieces, chews them up first, then swallows them

17. Petting: 5-6 Mostly stays still, moves to meet my hand or lean into my caress. Responds positively to both belly rubs and head/ear massage.

18. Neat/cleanliness: 3-4 Eats and drinks with calculated relax - methodical about eating - one piece at a time, audibly chews each bite. Very neat drinker.

19. Prey drive: 7-8  she chases but not with tunnel vision. Likes to follow and nudge the cat, her sight sensitivy is lower so she doesn't spot everything she could.  I feel it is balanced and not a fixed behavior.

20. Flight/Freeze/Fight 5-6 she freezes then flight I haven't seen fight yet.

21. Adherance to breed standard: 9-10 - she seems to be a spot on Colorado Mountain Dog

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