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American Alsatians


Breeder of American Alsatian
Direwolf Dogs™ in Colorado, USA. 
We are dedicated to produce the healthiest pups, through continuing education and lifelong guidance from the National American Alsatian Breeders Association.™
Fennario's broad long term breeding plan follows the Dire Wolf Projects goals of  reproducing the exact bone and body structure of the now extinct Dire Wolf, in a domestic dog with a COMPANION temperament.

Fennario's August West 2016                      (Canis Dirus) circa 20,000 years ago


American Alsatian Breed Standards

Size, porportion


The weight should appear heavy due to the large bones, with a minimum weight of 90 lbs in males and 85 lbs in females.
The American Alsatian is a dog of considerable substance, which is determined by a broad back, chest, and thigh area, heavy bone, and strong muscle.  See more...
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"Complete Guide to the American Alsatian Dog" by Animal TV



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