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Breeder of CMDR Colorado Mountain Dogs in Evergreen, Colorado, USA. 
We are dedicated to produce the healthiest pups, through continuing education and a dedication to the health of the canine species as a whole. As CMDR Colorado Mountain Dog breeders, we carefully monitor the inherited traits through DNA testing, X-ray and OFA certification of introduced lines. We assure the specimens we breed are long lived, congenitally healthy and have sound temperament.

The Timbers of    Fennario Kennels


Our males and females, and their pups -  past present and future.


Information on puppies available and Upcoming Litters


Info on adopting a puppy or adult dog from us.   Applications, transport info and links


Social media, contact information and Links to other CMDR Colorado Mountain Dog sites.


Our dogs live and thrive dually as Livestock Guardian Dogs and our companions in Evergreen Colorado.  They enjoy working and relaxing with each other and

 as our personal marshmallows.

Our breeding program ensures selection of only the highest quality, healthy long-lived dogs to carry on their genetics.

DNA tested through EMBARK, hip-checked and pedigreed with the CMDR.

Timbers of Fennario Kennels has HEALTH TRAK available for TOF dog owners to record and research their dogs health history.

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Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs LLC uses TOF pups and dogs exclusively for their Service Dog and Therapy Dog training programs.  Our temperament evaluations and early life exposure programs are specifically designed for CMDR Colorado Mountain Dogs
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