Health of the RMA

Fennario dogs are bred with the goal of optimum health.  From DNA to heart and bone, everything we do is geared toward producing a healthy, long-lived dog.

The history of the individual dogs  is often an indicator of the over all health of the line.

We track and record the life long health of ALL of our dogs that we can.

This information is provided for the future Fennario Dog owner to make the best informed decisions with your dogs health.   Standard and preventative care begins with you and your veterinarian. We will always offer to form a collaborative team to manage your dog's health should something arise, offering our background knowledge and advice.

Questions or in need of resources? No one knows our dogs better than we do!

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Gut Health - poops and the probiotics parasites,

that love them.


Rocky Mountain Alsatian

Diet and feeding

All life stages


Natural Health of the RMA and how to nurture it.

Congenital conditions may exist.


Urinary, renal and reproductive health


Hormone Health

Growth, weight and 

maturity management

of the RMA



Coat Skin eyes and ears


Bone health - behind all that window dressing lays a solid foundation.

HealthTrak Is a file storage and sharing system where RMA owners can share information and data of their dog's health.   The health of individual dogs is often an indicator of the overall health of the line. Careful, honest data collection and analyses is essential for the breeders long term breeding program.   Your participation and commitment to helping us keep accurate records is greatly appreciated. Together we can make the world better for dogs.

New Fennario dog owners will receive a "HealthTrak" package where they can easily submit and access vet records, DNA results and health certificates.  Our data will be held in this way as well, and all records and their results will be made available to Fennario Dog owners that hold a "HealthTrak" account with us.