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Training for Therapy programs and

Service Dogs for medical and psychiatric service

Rocky Mountain 
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Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs of Fennario welcomes applicants for their service dog training program and assistance in purchasing a pup either for owner training or program and task specific training  Click the button to get started.

Whether owner trainer by YOU, or by US, their breeders, we work closely with you to provide the best we can in your perfect match pup. All of our training programs are specially tailored for your needs.

Service and Therapy puppies are selected for you based on strict set of criteria developed especially for prospect assistance puppies.  Temperament testing and careful socialization begins at a very young age, as we lay the foundation for your future assistance dog.

We will continue to work with you and offer support and training throughout your Rocky Mountain CD"s life. We pledge to guarantee retirement placement for ALL service dogs we place.

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