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"King Solomon's Marbles"

Rocky Mountain Companion Dog

Reg # FEN500-BFA3      Male

D.O.B -  7/20/22

Birth Notes: 3rd born, head first, sack on. Vigorous nursed right away.

American Alsatian August West

Sire: August West             Dam: UUU Elevation (In'Sh'Allah)

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

I could tell this was an Auggie puppy just based on his scores for all categories. Knows his way around the nest already, eats sleeps and does nothing else.  Makes soft grunts when mom comes in, humms while he eats.  

Score      9-10       Collar Color: none           weight:  38 oz

Immediately approached when put into the test area, followed in pace as I backed up. Accepted restraint, relaxed seemed curious why I would do such a thing. Righted himself when I released him non plussed. Keeps to himself most of the time and is quiet, doesn't complain. Quiet and still, relaxed for the dangle. Accepted petting EXCEPT face, flinched and tried to move away.

Score   7-8*      Physical features:    wolf sable        weight 

*All categories scored a 9-10, reaction on touch sensitive brings his score down.

ENS days 5 through 11.  Took all exercises in and accepted most handling. 

6 week notes plus Score card

Six weeks will tell us how vocal are they? How likely are they to be sensitive to thunder storms and the like. These scores tell us more about their permanent placement possibilities, where their talents and skills excel, and where they will need work.  6 weeks also gives us a fair idea of their eventual size.

Score         Physical features:                    weight 

A "Solomon"
Photo Journal

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