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Colorado Mountain Dogs
in the
Timbers of Fennario Kennels

Understanding the Acronyms:

FARM LETTERS: each breeder of Colorado Mountain Dogs registered with the Colorado Mountain Dog registry are assigned FARM LETTERS represented in the dog's registered name.

CNK                    BONNIE LEE      of             TOF

    I                                 I                                   I

Letters BEFORE (Prefix)        name                             Where the dog

Original breeder                                                      Currently lives

The "G" standings:

The above display box is the nutshell cut and dry "standard" of the Colorado Mountain Dog Breed.  The breed has now reached it's 5th generation from foundation dogs, allowing for the pedigreed tracking of generations. It is still a breed in development, with a heavy focus on temperament above looks. 

Form follows function in nature, so certain physical characteristics such as size and coat type are a necessary part of  how a livestock guardian functions.

As the CMD community of breeders selects through the generations, some coats will be longer or shorter, some will be smaller than others and some will have different tail carriages. There will always be a classic white CMD, but other colors will stabilize as the temperament gets honed.

My two cents....

Certain aspects of the CMD breed standard are more exciting to me than others.  I want to give a few comments on each section:


TOFCMD'S: The acronyms are a little confusinig at first, and no one is expected to have all the farms memorized.  Some social media sites have many posts listing the parents of two dogs and then the pups are from different farms ...oye. But they ARE a very important part of the data collection necessary to build a breed. Future breeders will be able to make connections of health issues that may arise and the generational standings allow breeders to quickly understand the potential to avoid inbreeding. 

Size and appearance:  Fennario's CMD's will have a large variation in size for a little while as we integrate foundation dogs In'Sh'Allah and Auggie into the fresh King Boaz and Caspian lines. There is plenty of diversity there so we will be able to select away from InShAllah's tiny frame and Auggie's GSD angulation. We are looking for a large dogs- large enough to take on a coyote, not so large as to have clumsy movement that could cause hardship for it's career and the people that keep them.  To ME, disqualifications are a high back end, poor angulation front and back, slay feet, feet that point out, long toes and no "full circle" to the tail curl.  Over/under bites, blue eyes, pink pigment on the eye rims.  I can work with pretty much everything else.

 Coat: Fennario's Colorado Mountain Dogs are bred with ease and comfort of care a hallmark of our breeding program. As a 30 year veteran groomer, I have seen some awefully neglected coats over the years. The expense of professional grooming can become exorbitant for the people and the toll it takes on the dog is NOT worth it.  Proper care and management needs to be minimal as most caretakers of livestock do not have the time to comb out a pack of LGD's.   

COLOR! Fennario Kennels will be dealing with Red White and Blue CMD's. see what I did there? haha.  The Blue is absolutely fascinating to me. Technically, it is a Grizzeling modifier for blacks, so um...grey. But that doesn't sound as pretty as "Blue" This Grizzeling happens in degrees that will produce different shedes of grey - we like the blue one.   I also like Tuxedo Black, like "Otto, the Other One". It will be necessary to have some blacks in my lines to keep the Blues producing blue.


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