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Upcoming Litter - Dead Set
PAWD Stagger Lee x TOF Baloo (Walkin' Blues)


Due May 2024 - This pairing is being made with a focus on improvement in bone structure. Skull and rear angulation will be prevalent in our selection to move into future generations. Baloo's solid  structure will compliment Stagger Lee's athletic proportions, setting traits like ear and eye set, muzzle length and tail carriage. These pups will bring our  lines a little closer to CMDR Colorado Mountain Dog standard. Temperament for these pups will be closer to Colorado Mountain Dog standards as well, having good discernment and a definitive ability to get along well with lots of creatures around them.


Reservations are OPEN  for this litter

1.  Fennario pick

2.  Fennario pick

3. Zigler

4. Koivisto



Updated 3/5/24

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Stagger Lee hails from service dog lines, which is obvious within the first few minutes of meeting him. He will physically move himself to gain eye contact. Cocking his head while you talk to him, it is easy to become convinced Stagger Lee understands English.  Baloo is sharp and observant - she catalogues every new experience and every novel object. She's keen to hang out with her people with no desire to leave her comfy homestead.

These pups will have a gentle unassuming nature about them. A deep understanding of the world around them and their part in it.

The litter will range in adult size from 70 lbs to 120 lbs possible for some males.  

Colors - All pups will have a tuxedo white chest and belly, some may have white blazes on their face.

All pups will not have significant white patches other than socks and tuxedo markings on the chest/belly

All puppies will be DNA clear


This pairing has a Co effcient of inbreeding of 0.59% by pedigree  AVK ancestor loss is 75% average by pedigree.  COI by DNA TBD


Color/coat type

Using mendellian genetics to formulate the outcome(see table below), we can estimate that 1/3 of the puppies will be blue, 1/3 of the puppies will be black and 1/3 of the puppies will be white.  1/2 of the puppies have potential for no dewclaws (clean legged) All puppies will have med-long dense coats. All of the puppies will have potential for Livestock Guardian careers.


Although no DNA has been pulled on Stagger himself, links to both his parents can be found in his HealthTrak file. As of 3/24  there have been no known health issues. Both parents have had hip xrays read and are clear of Hip Displasia 


Baloo has never had cause or issue to visit the vet beyond her neonatal phase.  Almost 90 lbs and solid with thick bones.  

Her first litter, born July 2023, did very well and she has recovered quickly and fully.


When the litter is born, this grid will have individual pictures with links to their personal pages.

When the litter is born, and for the next eight weeks, notes will be kept here, updates periodically an average of once a week.

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