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Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs, LLC
Evergreen Colorado   720-369-0736
Timbers of Fennario Kennels


Expectations at Fennario Kennels


- Professional Teams

- Volunteer Teams

- Certified with Pet Partners

- Trained dogs available


Obedience, Canine Good Citizen-All levels, behavioral counselling,

Agility, Trail Dog, Camping/Hiking Companion Sports, LGD poultry -  starting and management.

RMCD Dogs with Training Programs

Classes Available - Spring Summer '24


Medical Alert, Mobility and Psych Service Dogs selected from the quality stock of Timbers of Fennario Kennels


RMCD Counselling services

Temperament Evaluations, Genetic Counselling (Canine) Breeder mentorship and Dog Event Planner

Please CONTACT US for more information


30 years experience with the double (or triple!) coated dog. Specialty care for the outdoor-dog coat. Counselling and instruction available.

CONTACT US for an appointment

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Breeder Support

for Fennario Kennels. Boarding/training for TOF dogs CMDR representative, rehome/rescue/furever placement 

Colorado Mountain Dog Club 

Admin - Accounting - Advertising

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