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Bird Song for Pearl

Reg # FEN010-REK-2   Female

Rocky Mountain Companion Dog

D.O.B -  7/25/23

Birth Notes: 2nd born, sac on, breech


Sire: King Solomon's              Dam: Anthem (CMD)

Marbles                                     "Anthem of the Sun" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

6 week notes plus Score card

Bird song was curious, audibly smelling and trying to find her way around. My touch and handling although accepted were but beside the point to her.  This is my first service dog prospect obvious from the get go. This is a working dog. Feminine body and head shape, pretty color, almost "seal"

score:    7-8                   collar color:       weight           15 oz   

The smallest pup and she may be short-haired.  Perfect candidate for therpy dog so far. She's a bit more reserved than her color-counterpart "Holler", but the same happy vibe comes off them both. Quiet and accepting for all exercises she was happy to be done though. Still and stiff for the turn over and the dangle.  Ran to the covered part of the nest when replaced and took a long deep nap.

Score       5-6                   dewclaws each rear leg                 weight:    4.5 lbs

Sweet, affectionate interactive and loving, this pup reminds me of a female version of her dad, both in stature and temperament.  She tries very hard to make herself known in the puppy pile, but she's the smallest and gets hustled out.  She takes this in stride, moving off to the side to wait her turn.   A healthy appetite but not necessarily highly motivated by food - she prefers your undivided attention and praise.  Nice compact body, her mature size should range around 60 lbs. Short coat

Score 5-6                                                                                                   weight 14 lbs.                                                 

A "Bird Song"
Photo Journal

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