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Lazy Lightening

Colorado Mountain Dog G4

Reg # FEN011-DST-3    Female

CMDR Registration # - TOF

D.O.B -  5/17/24

Birth Notes: 3rd born, sac on, normal presentation


Sire: PAWD Stagger Lee         Dam: TOF "Baloo" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

6 week notes plus Score card

Easy going little pup that sleeps alot. On her back, in full prostrate splendor.  Nurses onher back too, kneading mom's teat with such fervor she may need her nails clipped early.  When placed on the scale she pancaked and kept her sniffer working. Eventually she turned a little into herself and again stopped, sniffing the air.  Scooted around till she found a sibling and fell asleep right away.

score      7-8                Collar color -       turquoise      weight  21 oz.

Lazy Lightning is going to take her time with the world.  Always the last one to wake in the morning, the last one to come over for pets.  She seems to wait n see whats gonna happen with the other pups before she commits.  For temperament testing she was quiet throughout. Curious, tolerant and interactive.  For the thurn over she paddled her feet in a rythmic motion. I've never had a pup do that before.  For the dangle she was loose and quiet.  Moved away from dropped object, but not upset.  

Score 7-8                                  Dew claws both rear legs            weight 5.2 lbs

By six weeks old our puppies have moved to an indoor/outdoor enclosure and have had introductions to the big wide world. The notes we give here will include the baseline temperament scores we  use to match this pup with it's furever home.

A "Lazy Lightening"
Photo Journal

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