Buying a puppy from us

The first step is to fill out an application, return it to us and wait for review. If we determine a Fennario American Alsatian Direwolf Dog is a right fit for you and your family, we will contact you and discuss your future puppy or adult American Alsatian from the Direwolf Project.   

There is a "Waitlist" for an American Alsatian, and the average wait for most folks is 8 months or more, depending on what you desire in your perfect dog. There is a $600 Deposit to be placed on the waitlist.

(See more about how the waitlist works)

Deposits hold your place on the waitlist FOR LIFE. Deposits are transferrable from breeder to breeder, but are non-refundable.

WHEN you see a litter, pup or adult American Alsatian that you may be interested in, let us know right away.  If there is availability, we will note your interest in that dog/litter. We will work closely with you, through videos and email, phone conversations as well as an extensive social media community to match you with one of our fantastic puppies or adults.  


When your match is found and available, and you are ready to purchase a fennario puppy/dog:

Your initial $600 deposit is deducted from the initial purchase price of your FIRST American Alsatian only.  

Transportation or pick up plans MUST BE in place BEFORE payment will be accepted. Transportation/pick up/delivery costs are NOT included in the final purchase price of the pup or adult dog.

You will need to keep a close eye on our wait list.  Your username will be high lighted with the Litter Group name and pick date placed beside it.   We'll keep discussing as they grow, and when your pick date comes, you will need to make a decision to take the suggested match or pass for a future litter


The Wait list     as of    10/20
(Fennario's Foundation litters)
Dire Wolf Project
Common waitlist

Transportation/Travel plans for my new puppy

Fennario will approve the following modes of transport for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months.

For pups dogs over 6 months, we will discuss them on a case by case basis.

1.      PICKING UP YOUR PUPPY FROM FENNARIO in Colorado: You are welcome to spend the night in one of the quaint bed & breakfast’s nearby. Your puppy will come with a crate approved for in cabin travel. collar, lead, Direwolf puppy packet with registration, ID tag with trademark and medical records and three days worth of the food he/she are currently eating.

2.      AIRLINE TRAVEL – Direct flights only from Denver International Airport (coded DEN) no longer than 4 hours. Under the circumstance that you will travel to the closest airport allowing for a four hour limit, YOU must be present to receive and transport your puppy the rest of the way home. I WILL NOT approve a transport agency to pick up your puppy at the airport. Your puppy will come with crate, collar, ID tag with trademark, half days worth of food.  Direwolf puppy packet  with registration, DNA results, and medical records.

3.      ANIMAL TRANSPORT COMPANIES – Private or commercial must be interviewed and approved by myself before I will allow the company to receive the puppy.  The puppy must spend no longer than two days (48 hours) in transport. Your puppy will come with collar, lead, ID tag with trademark, four days worth of food he/she is currently eatingYour New Direwolf puppy packet will be shipped to you the same day your pup leaves.

4.      HIRE ME TO DRIVE YOUR PUP TO YOU: This “is” an option, but costly and according to my schedule. I will however, be very happy to drive the pup myself under the right circumstances. You puppy will come with oodles of fun stuff and whatever is left from the bag of food we left home with.