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New Potato "Caboose"

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN400-AS-1

CMDR Registration # - CNK 

D.O.B -  1/31/22


Sire: SWF Moses               Dam: FLF Apple - "Althea" 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

White all four feet, belly, tail tip, muzzle, badger mask, tan sable body Solid pup with nice proportions to his head.  born lighter tan than the other "tans", at one point he flushed grey.  Grunts when lifted, tucks in when turned over. Sleeps "long", tends to nurse upside down.  

score 7-8                                Collar: Turquoise wool       weight 23 oz.            

Caboose is the biggest puppy with a big heart. He seems to immediately love anything that crosses his field of vision.  He was compliant and non-plussed for most of the test, only showing stress for the dropped object. He didn't appreciate the surprise. Quiet and loose for the dangle and the turnover, he stopped to play with the blanket after a flashed it around him

Score 7-8                dewclaws both rear feet            weight 6.8 lbs

ENS notes:   performed days 5 through 11 - coping skills seem to be all in place. No indication of stress - appropriate reactions for all stimuli.  

6 week notes plus Score card

What a personality that has blossomed with this boy.  He likes people and is willing to follow you at a respectful distance. He's rarely underfoot. Tolerant of restraint to a point, then he tries to get out of it however he can. You always know how he feels about something he doesn't hide his feelings.  Will allow most handling, with the exception of his rear feet/butt area.  Tries to get away from the touch. Notices everything, reacts to most, with a point of interest in strange sounds. He will investigate new things with a healthy caution. Can be vocal, whiny sometimes.   Will accompany other puppies in trying to push boundaries, but doesn't start it.  Engages petting, will stay with you for pets instead of playing with toys.  Aware of his body functions, takes the time to find a good spot away from his sleep area. Will chase toys and run after decoys, but loses interest quickly.   In stressful situations he freezes first, flight next - haven't seen any fight in this dog. Temp score card included in photo-journal.

score 5-6                                                              weight: 17 lbs.

A "Caboose"
Photo Journal

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