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"Flower" of Islam

Colorado Mountain Dog

Reg # FEN600-WAN-2  female

CMDR Registration # - CNK 

White, Badger mask

D.O.B -  12/26/22

Birth Notes: 2nd born, big female, sac on, head first, 

blue hue, (skin) slate nose, ears, vulva, paws

mithjuly22stride - Copy_edited_edited.jpg

Sire: W2E Mithril              Dam: UUU ELEVATION 

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

6 week notes plus Score card

One of the most active pupies. Demanding and vocal. Makes her way easily over her littermates with impressive agility and strength.  Eats well, sleeps well.  She has a heart shaped mark in right on top of her head.  

 score 5-6                         collar color: pink                                 weight 21 oz.

Score 7-8         dewclaws both rear legs         weight    78.5 oz

Score   5-6      dewclaws both rear legs         weight 

A "Flower"
Photo Journal

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