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The Program...Upcoming and future litter plans

In an effort to conceptualize the breeding plan and goals of Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs, to give you a glimpse of where your expectations and desires may fall for a puppy in the timeline of Fennario's generational breeding, we've provided a visual example of the breeding program. This page is intended to be used as a visual reference for the blog article "The Program - Fennario's breeding program explained".  PLEASE NOTE: - This page will not translate on mobile and is best viewed on a PC.

UPCOMING LITTERS page lists planned litters of Fennario current dogs. Each planned litter will have a web page with pedigree, DNA results, and when born, link to the pup's pages.  you can find here: Upcoming Litters


W2E's "King Boaz" has a presence you never forget after you meet him. Quietly expressive and easy-to-read, his gentle demeanor has passed to his progeny.  Bo carries a BLUE factor to his coat color that we hope to capture in his offspring.

King Boaz

Anatolian Shepherd

Bear's Choice
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Anatolian x Merrema 

Selecting the best and most healthy pups to bring these lines down to reproduce at least 50% Silver/Blue .


Colorado Mountain Dog

The dog that started it all...Caspian's

Essence carries through the years. 

His progeny gives us our founding females, carrying superior health and an amazing temperament.



August West

German Shepherd x Malamute

"Auggie" was born in June of 2015

No health issues and multiple spectacular litters under his belt.

A calm mellow temperament with an uncanny ability to read his people

Blue Wolf

GSD x Anatolian x Maremma

A random pic from the internet, 


We should have this coat color available in the 3rd and 5th gen. when we bring the Boaz and Auggie lines together.


4th & 5th Generations

Colorado Mountain Dogs 

Carefully stewarding these lines down through the years, we will reach 

five generations of selected temperament and superior health,

solid white coats with dark and  black pigmented skin.









The fifth generation goal is to have registered Colorado Mountain Dogs of classic solid white, Tuxedo Black, (In varying degrees of blue dilution and grey fade) and Blue Wolf Sable. Although outcrossed dogs of up to 10 different breeds, 5th generation RMCD's will have consistent temperaments of reliable parameters. My lines will range from companion family pets to serious Live Stock Guardians for many years. Ear sets and coat texture will vary and some unexpecteds like "Up" ears will show occasionally. At this G5 level, things start to even out, and selection for consistency really ramps up at this point, as traits can be set in stone or quickly lost. Fifth generation-G5, is the linebreeding generation that seems to bring the most difficulty in the form of genetic bottlenecks. The course of selection based on the health history of the past generations of the program must be carefully maintained and balanced with recessive coat color genetics.

Diverse haplotypes from Auggie's background and the maintenance of the Colorado Mountain Dog's unique inherent behavioral traits will give us some of the most special creatures on the planet.

The 5 generation breeding program above could take up to ten years to ful fill, and as things change and improve or disappoint, we will have to adjust. It's the journey, not the destination.


Pictured top to bottom:
King Boaz, Otto, Lobo, Lobo & Mithril

Pictured top to bottom:
August West, Easy Wind, Koda
In'Sh'Allah  -
  I do not own the pic or
Blue Wolf Sable
Pup pictured here

Pictured top to bottom:
Caspian & Snow + litter, Althea, Pearl

Bonnie & Pearl as a pup

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