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"Paradise Waits"

Rocky Mountain Companion Dog

Reg # FEN500-BFA-1     Female

CMDR Registration # - CNK 

D.O.B -  7/20/22

Birth Notes: 1st born, sac off, head first. Blue that lightened up quickly


Sire: August West                    Dam:- In'Sh'Allah

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

Huge puppy OMG! A light smoky Blue color she is going to be a show stopper.  Lots of Pyr in her.  Didn't appreciate being turned over, open mouthed during most of the tests.  Grunted and squeeled for the dangle.  Sleeps most of the time, pushy at the milk bar. LGD potential

Score    2-3        Collar Color:   green                 weight: 41 oz!

Paradise was curious, hesitant but not unwilling to move about the test area. Did not follow. Relaxed for restraint but quickly decided she'd had enough and she is strong for a puppy this young. Leader of dogs, the fun police, tries to dictate the scene. Flinched at the sudden noise, ran and hid her head in a corner.

Score   5-6       dewclaws both rear legs         weight   

ENS days 5 through 11- modest improvement with everything but supine.

6 week notes plus Score card

A "Paradise"
Photo Journal

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