Fall 2021 -                Europe '72 Group -             Colorado Mountain Dogs


CNK's "Spirit"  (CNK's Isaac x WFF Willa)


Crack O'Noon Kennels "Bonnie Lee" (CNK Bruinen x CNK Ithilian)

What we hope to acheive with this litter:  With this litter, we hope to capture a touch of that Unicorn Temperament and use the outstanding bone structure to foudation our Colorado Mountain Dog line of Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs.  The coat is ideal for what we are looking for - short, dense but not thick, a broad mane and a well balanced flashy tail that will crook for ease in maintenance.  

 The legend of "Caspian"  - The Colorado Mountain Dog was founded and propegated after  a dog named "Caspian", owned and bred by Crack O' Noon Kennels with Wendy Francisco as founder.  Caspian now cares for all the livestock over the rainbow bridge. A Unicorn of a dog,  he was discerning and gentle.  Quick and accurate in reading his people, trained easily and  had a certain "essence" that  still carries in his lines.

This Youtube video created by Crack O Noon kennels wraps it up pretty well. 

COI =  1.56% Overall in four generations.

18% lineage similarity percentage from Caspian

12% lineage similarity from Marshmellow

The overall health of the breed has been, so far, outstanding. The harder I look, the less I find.  There have been isolated incidents of nuerological issues reported on social media, but nothing I can tie into an inherited condition.  There is no Hip Dysplasia and no incidence of cancers common to LGD (Livestock Guardian Dogs). Spirits DNA pending,  he & Bonnie both have clear physical health and wonderful emotional health.


Waitlist for this litter is


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3.  McClure

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