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Born 9/28/2021 -            Europe '72 Group -      Colorado Mountain Dogs













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CNK's "Bonnie Lee


WFF's "Oberon"  

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COI =  1.56% Overall

in four generations.

18% lineage similarity percentage from Caspian

12% lineage similarity percentage from Marshmellow

 The legend of "Caspian"  - The Colorado Mountain Dog was founded and propegated after  a dog named "Caspian", owned and bred by Crack O' Noon Kennels with Wendy Francisco as founder.  Caspian now cares for all the livestock over the rainbow bridge. A Unicorn of a dog,  he was discerning and gentle.  Quick and accurate in reading his people, trained easily and  had a certain "essence" that  still carries in his lines.

This Youtube video created by Crack O Noon kennels wraps it up pretty well. 



Wikipedia's take on Grateful Dead's Europe '72 Album:

The European tour was expensive and logistically complicated, and the band's record company hoped that a live album would recoup its costs. Consequently, the entire tour was recorded, with highlights making it onto the final release. Europe '72 is one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed albums by the Dead. It was one of the first triple-record rock albums to be certified gold by RIAA; the album has since been certified double platinum. A second volume was released in 2011, in conjunction with the release of the entire 22-date tour as Europe '72: The Complete Recordings.

12/17/21 - This litter is 11 weeks old (approx). A whole new stage in personalities is starting to emerge. China and Delilah seem to know they are dor sure staying here. They act like they own the place.  Rider is FINALLY coming out of his shell and what is emerging makes me very happy. Delicate with his actions, he is coming forward, smiling with his while face, tail held high.  Jed had left for a few days but his new dog-brother was not doing well so they brought him back home before things escalated.  He did not have any adjustment period, just walk back on the scene. Little Rose (now named Belle is going home at the end of the month. She's a bit more centered than the other two girls. She too seems to understand she is not staying. Charlie is the funniest puppy. To his siblings he is bossy and grumpy. HTo people he is all big goober marshmellow fluff ball. Enjoys belly rubs and hugs.  Trucker fits his name. He needs a John Deer cap and a road log. He approaches everything shoulders first.  Jack (now named Rueben) went for Christmas pictures with the grinch (check out his page to see them) all his manners were in place and all his coping mechanisms seemed to point toward "be sweet".    Every pup is pooping like a big dog, just in miniature. Dave and I often remark how clean they keep their kennels. Not since day one, they have not messed in their sleeping quarters unless confined in there with no access to outside. Especially the boys are fastidious about pooping at the edges of the space.  Girls will come closer to the inside to pee, pooping is kind of erratic, but never in their "bedroom"   Healthy appetites that fluxuate hungry times of the day. Sometimes its breakfast that gets passed over - sometimes its lunch.  Nutrena "Loyal Life" puppy food is still working quite well for them.  
11/23/21 - Pups had their 1st shots today.  All dealt with it quite well. We make sure and whip up a special concoction of roasted chicken and cream cheese, which we spoon out to them while the needle goes in. Most are so enthralled with the puppy pudding that they don't even register the shot in their thought process.   Worming comes next, with a three day dosage of Pana cur, then microchips after that.  Our first snow was today, and pups were true Colorado snow-dogs rolling around and diving into the snow flakes. We've decided to keep Trucker Delilah and China for evaluation to our breeding program. Rider has gotten quite standoffish in the past few weeks, avoiding being handled and even skittering away when we reach for him.  Mr. Charlie, although extremely handsome and snuggly with people, has developed "MINE" syndrome - otherwise known as resource guarding. = This is easy to read on this 8 week old pup - he hardens and postures before lashing out.  I've been told some CMD's can be funny about their food. This is made worse by forcing them to deal with competition. Sometimes the behavior will dissipate over time if the pup is permitted to eat confined so they don't have to worry about it. I know of some breeders that tether all their dogs during mealtime. We put ours in kennels or separated by securely closed doors. My long history of boarding strange and familiar dogs has taught me this as a lifestyle. For Mr. Charlie I would advise this rule be followed, and we will have to watch him closely around other dogs and children.  For this reason he is not being considered for our breeding program, - however I am certain he will thrive in a farm environment.  Tennessee Jed is so so hard to let go. But his coat is too long for my program. He is going to be a drop-dead GORGEOUS boy, and his temperament is spot on for service or therapy. He's kind, easy going, nuetral about most things. He could snuggle for hours and come back for more.  Jack and Rose have been chosen by their families. We'll make sure there's room on the door for both.  Walker was selected by Crack O'Noon Kennels to evaluate for addition to their breeding program. 
11/18/21 - Time is going by way too quickly here. Gosh the three week notes are still sitting here ready to be typed up.  We've had so much to do with these pups. New toys to play with, visits up stairs in the house and baths to take.  six out of nine have now had their first bath.  China, Rose and Trucker are left. Delilah was the squeekiest about it. Jed didn't like the bath? Tried to get away but didn't scream or pretend he was dying. Walker did excellent. Took it all like a pro. Even the blow dryer.  I've pretty much made up my mind which pups I will be keeping. CNK has not - but I suspect Rider or Trucker to be the one I would recommend.  I "was" going to keep all three girls, but Rose has a small umbilical hernia we did not catch before.  Pregnancy is not recommended for those.  Delilah and China will stay with us.  Colder temps are settling into our part of the world finally. Pups are doing their thing - piling up tighter, using the straw and eating more for warming calories. Jed is the easiest to read of all the pups so far. If he is  interested, he is easy to motivate. I will send an email to reservation holders letting you know time to start talking about travel plans for the pups. Please let me know soon!  
11/6/21 - Little puppies had a well-puppy vet visit today. Evergreen animal hospital, Dr. Walla was wonderful with them.  All nine got a clean bill of health, no heart murmurs or otherwise 'hidden to me" conditions.   We DID have a bout of coccidia this week. I brought a stool sample in on Monday. Delilah was the one that showed me something was amiss. Her energy level is the first to be seen, heard, felt. But on Monday she was in the little puppy house, mopey and her diarhea had a particular odor. The rest of the pups were from solid little logs to soft ice cream consistency. A breeder friend of mine with oodles experience in treatment-at-home advised me on how to medicate and also treat the other dogs.  Coccidia is a very hardy little protozoon.  You can read more about the treatment and care protocol we use use in the "Health" section of this website :Rocky Mountain Companion Dog and puppy HEALTH CARE (   Bonnie mommy got a stellar report. She's fit as a fiddle and VERY proud of her pups. China/Rider are developing curious personalities. Pleasant inquiries and inquisitive pokes and prods. Both will stick their heads into things, poke around corners, push over things to see what is on the other side. Mr. Charlie , he told you so. Cautious and stoic.  If he could talk he'd be the one "I told you not to step there or you'd fall. I told you so."    Rose, Jack and Trucker like their food. First to the dish and are not above pushing the others out of the way to eat. 
11/1/21 - We moved the pups downstairs to the barn five days ago.  Blessed with excellent fall weather, we were able to allow them access and they had an easy time finding their yard.  Bonnie had a bit of hard time letting them go. She was restless their first night away.  Delilah is the first to approach us, engage in play or find our shoelaces. Trucker is second to greet, lingering with Delilah to see what we're up to vs. going directly to the food dish.  Mr. Charlie, Jed and Jack have mastered feeding themselves. Rose? mmm.. not so much. She is having a hard time adjusting. A little depressed maybe. Spends most of her time in the dog house big enough for all to puppypile in. Soon though, they will outgrow that house and have to much in with Auntie Pearl.  We introduced them tis morning, to Pearl's delight. She's bee itching to meet them and scoop them up as her own charges.  China is having a run with loose stools and so is Rider.  With all the new stuff to put in their mouths, this is to be expected.  A colder day today, so we will close up the barn and restrict access to the yard for till it warms up a bit.
10/24/21 -Our three week temperament tests are modelled after volhard standardized temp test, modified for the pups age and breed(s).  Scoring is within a parameter specific to the intended placement of the people on the reservation list.   
10/15/21 - We have a very nice litter on our hands. Every pup is healthy, fat and out-growing their collars quickly.  Each are beginning to look and behave a little different. Bonnie mommy is a VERY active dreamer. She yips, barks, carries on during deep sleep. Some of the pups seem to be taking after her in that respect, yipping and sometimes barking themselves awake.  Our ENS exercises have shown great results. Little "Jack" had had a hard time with the three day temperament tests. He skwallered up a storm and even pee'd himself. He has gained a fond interest in people and being handled. Copes with upsets quite well. He is a keen observer, I can see his wheels turning.  Tennesee Jed is by far the calmest, and his siblings tend to gravitate to him as sleeping partners. He's often at the bottom of the puppypile. Delilah, is already initiating play with her siblings, and will happily tussle with our shirt cuffs. Trucker is curious, and will go head long into something without much hesitation - very bold pup. He is the groaniest, and had a little bout with loose stools. Watch this one for digestive issues when grown. Mr. Charlie is a delight, resembles a little polar bear fatn-happy. Funny how it works out *winkwink* But China/Rider tend to spend much of their time together. These two are the least interested in people, they have a keen alarm system if they get in trouble, being vocal and serious about their plight. If I were a betting woman, I'd lay money on those two for LGD candidates. Rider is developing a silver cast to his coat, in the right light he's darker than Rose, who is a an Ivory with a smiling  angelic face. She's rambles to the edge of the box most times, seeking the puppypile when the temperature in the whelping room dictates they huddle.  I can tell they are generating their own heat now, the little area is humming with vibrant health.
10/10/21 - You guys! Their little eyes are opening!  I see a glint coming from especially Charlie.  Rose has a darker look to her face. We try to keep the whelping are dark during this time, so as not to damage those brand new little occular cones.  So we won't have pictures for a few days. I could tell it was about that time because the pups have been extra "twitchy" during this time.  Bonnie is doing wonderfully. She has almost bounced back to her pre-maternity figure. We have none of the picky-eater syndrome we had with her first litter - she eats everything in sight.  She's so proud of them, jumps in her box and looks at you like..."See what I did?"  This is going to be a very happy and well adjusted litter.
10/8/21 - A whole week old! Some puppies are starting to lift their front ends up, and raise their heads to smell around. And BOY OH BOY are their little smellers hooked up well. Bonnie and I have a special affection cue that we share. I ask for "Nose Sounds?" and she'll delicately, EVER so gently sniff my face and ears. ei: "Nose sounds." When changing their bedding I'll pick up each pup and hold them close to my face and snuggle them.  Most give me Nose Sounds. Bonnie also rubs her face with her front paws when she's trying to be cute. I bet these pups will do that too.
10/4/21 - All the notes are up for these pup's 3 day scores.  On day three (and/or four if there's alot of them) we start something many people call the "Super Dog" work, or EARLY NUEROLOGICAL STIMULATION (ENS) -click to read more completely about it here: 
These exercises are imperative for us at this point because I am dealing with a variety of homes and lifestyles for these pups. Some will be working Livestock Guardians, some will be Therapy Dogs, (or service?) and some will be family companions.  These exercises are not only a "leg up" for the pups, (or brain up hahaha) but they reveal innate personalities, latent instinct and tendencies of coping with stressful situations.  Lets take the towel exercise for example. Pup is placed on a cold towel, and we watch their reactions.  For a neo-nate puppy, a cold surface means death. They must get to warmth quickly or perish.  The quicker their instincts kick in, the more independent and self sufficient the dog will be.  a slower reaction means this dog will have trouble getting out of its own way. Perhaps not the best candidate for live charges where decisions need to be made without human direction. A slower reaction doesn't mean a slower-witted dog. It may mean this dog is keener to direction. Takes to training easily and is motivated more by praise than food.  Less inclined to make its own decisions. These dogs make excellent Therapy dogs.
All these pups are healthy and have great appetites. No one is falling behind in weight gain, and no one has any physical abnormalities to be concerned with.
Currently, at 4:35 am on a Monday? The nest is giving off a little pleasant hum. Like the sound of a beehive when its just waking up for the day.

9/30/21 - It seemed like a whirl wind birth for Bonnie and her big litter.  The past two days have been quiet and somewhat uneventful.  Bonnie is a good mum for them. She leaves just to potty and stretch her legs. She has food and water in her whelping room, but I think it makes her feel better to eat at her normal spot.  Appetite is so much better than her last litter, and the pups are all nicely rounded. They can move pretty quick, most of them casting out away from the pile alternating parts of the day. One of the blue collars was trying to nurse on Bonnie's foot. Complaining vocally no milk was available.  There are two pups with no collars now. I took Jack's off as it was too big getting fixed in back of his leg.  He's the only male with no collar. He's the one I hear the most. Rose, last born, sleeps with her head tucked in the corner of the whelping box, much like Friend of the Devil did as a Neo-Nate(from the American Beauty litter).  
9/28/21 - today is the day the calendar tells me these pups should be here. Right now, Bonnie is looking like she's concentrating hard on the beginnings of labor. She ate a full portion last night, but is lacking in appetite this morning.  Goodness gracious she's big.   
9/15/21 - As of this morning, I feel no need to bring Bonnie to the vet to confirm her pregnancy. SHES HUGE!!  However, if this is something you feel you desire for the mom and pups, let me know and I'll run her down there. Wouldn't want to disappoint the scrap books! She sleeps alot, eats very well, not picky pants this time.  I get so exited when I look at the lineage for this litter.  These pups are going to be truly a treasure.  I haven't opened the waitlist beyond the five of us - I will want to make sure and save the very best for us.  There's about two weeks left, so we will be getting her whelping box (sometimes referred to as the "nest") within the next few days.  Bonnie has a "nursery mate"....a ladydog by the name of "Glinda" is here to whelp with us. She bred right about the same time as Bonnie, so we may be looking at two litters at the same time.  I'm going to need more collar colors!
7/30/2021 - Bonnie & Oberyn held a week long honeymoon, achieving several successful ties with no complications or assistance needed from the breeders.  We should be expecting pups between 9/28 and October 4th.  We will xray around 40-43 days to confirm pregnancy and determine number of pups. rays will be posted in health trak, which you can down load for your scrap book.
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