A day in the life.....

Our days start early. During times of no puppies - chances are we have guest dogs over. We are part of and host in-home boarding on a regular basis with a few very trustworthy dogs of varying breeds. Guests tend to get up early - so we get up early. I don't mind a bit...mornings have always been my favorite time of day.

I feel that our boarding and training services are an integral part of how we are able to achieve such confident and even-tempered dogs.

During times that litters are expected, we do not accept guests. Our pups are whelped in our home, safely segregated from the rest of the dog population. Once they are strong and coated enough, we move them into the kennels, where they are bedded with straw and moms warmth in kennels at night - outside with mom and access to the barn for shelter during the day.

Most furkids leave us at eight weeks old. the ones that are staying for training programs or our very own pets, may or may not be responsible for carrying on our lines. But they are all introduced to a variety of different dogs and personalities. Boarding and training resumes when puppies have received appropriate vaccinations. We involve all pups in training programs to one degree or another. We introduce them to collars and leashes in a structured way. Grooming manners start by being exposed to brushing and nail clipping at a very young age. Sounds like clippers and dryers They get to watch dogs on tables, in kennels and being dropped off & retrieved by their owners. The Rocky Mountain Companion Dog learns early on that there are all sorts of other dogs out there, and they have ample opportunity to develop the skills needed to be able to navigate those sorts.

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