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Upcoming Litter -  Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs

Born:                                                                Litter name:                                                        Breed:                           
 April 23rd 2023                   Steal your face                 (G3)  Colorado Mountain Dogs

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Steal your face litter born 4/24/23

STEAL YOUR FACE litter notes

One February afternoon - it was nice out so all the dogs were in their yards enjoying the break in the Colorado winter.  I look into Mithril's yard and say to myself..."huh, thats odd, looks like Mithril is tied with Silky!" A few minutes later I realize that I have mistaken Silky for Bonnie Lee. Bonnie was in full swing of her season, and had decided to make her way over and into Mithril's yard.  I was going to retire Bonnie from breeding but she felt one more attempt at this pairing was a good idea.

After I got over the shock of now expecting two litters on the same day (Bear's Choice due April 25th), I actually became quite excited about this.  A repeat of Without A Net litter - but THIS time I get to see if a bolster of nutrition for mom and oxygen at whelping will make a difference. We lost 1/2 the Without a Net litter at whelping, I believe because Bonnie had had an average diet, in average amounts.  At whelping she struggled, and the pups that did not make it seemed to have respitory distress we could not overcome.

March 31 - We're just past the half way mark and Bonnie is showing again already. She and Delilah are acting as a pair - moving from inside to outside together.  Sleep, eat, sleep, be crabby with the dogs outside, sleep sumore.  She is eating Loyal Life large breed adult, increased to as much as she wants. We give a dose of "Oxy-mate" canine prenatal vitamins and trace minerals.  Cheese, goats milk and cooked liver as treats through out the day. Two oxygen containers are on stand-by as well as a calcium supplement for the big day, to be administered between each puppy.  A long time breeder friend is instructing me on resussitation techniques and neonatal critical care for puppies.  We're gonna be all right this time.

April 23 - Bonnie began with a blue male born shortly after 5 pm. The others arrived healthy, breathing on their own quickly and nursing right away. All pups and mom are doing FANTASTIC!  Easy birth, nice number - 7.  All were noisy for the first hour or so. The little white one got lost on the other side of Bonnie during the night and had a big loud tantrum about it.   The colors are quite fascinating. One was born a very dark tan, some were born kinda silvery -tan. Most look creamy colored this morning. There's some craziness with one of them has a white stripe down his back.  There's only one full blue, a male - lightening up quickly though.  5 have dew claws, 2 do not - 1 male 1 female.   Bonnie has not eaten yet, but is drinking water with enthusiasm.

Cost range is between

$1,500 and $2,000

Ready early June 2023


1.Fennario Pick

2. Christie

3. Norwood

4. Gheen

5. Key



Updated 4/26/23

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April 5, 2023 - These little pups are doing soo well!!  Always little healthy pup noises coming from the nest but otherwise they are content and quiet. Little eyes are beginning to open, and all seem to be handling it well. Curious about the new developement. Last day of ENS is today and everyone did well with it - "Rain" female handled it with the most stressful response. One day she continued to growl for several minutes after replaced.   This may be this litter's "Baloo". We will keep an eye on her development and apply whatever measures are necessary to teach her the right coping mechanisms.  Mommy Bonnie is the best I've ever seen her 10 days post partum.  Eating voraciously and asking for extra pets. 

April 14th 2023  Temperament tests 3 weeks – steal your face litter were performed in the same room as the nest, mom not present as she interfered with handllng the pups.   All pups were gently lifted and placed on a green shiny piece of material. Photos taken in first few seconds. All puppies were placed in position with torso elongated over my hand, wrist and fore arm, horizontally, and “dangled” 2 feet off the floor for several seconds. All pups were then gently turned in the air and lowered, on the backs, to the floor. All pups were supported there for several seconds. Either righting themselves or with my assistance, they were released and allowed to wander around the testing area. After several minutes pups were returned to the nest, their behavior then observed and recorded. Three different mediums for flooring were placed in the testing area, allowing pups free access to step on the mediums.   Also available was a large bowl of water, myself and a notebook/pen.  Each pups results will be posted on their page.    Bonnie is doing fantastic.  Although a little scratched up from the pups nails, she is still happily nursing them, and they are fat n happy.

5/18/23- New and novel experiences have started as we let the pups discover the world at large.  The pups were introduced to: Novel objects, novel voices and sounds, and a chance to try food other than Bonnie's milk.  El Paso was the first to grab my attention. Cain a close second. They all jumped into the food milk dishes. Abel was HILARIOUS! Playbowing, and making faces at me. What we're doing with the growly sisters is working. During this time they were not growly until they heard the other dogs bark in the yard, two stories below them. Joe brown was the first to manipulate the red solo cup, carrying it off to play. Snow is the most attracted to people. She even sought out the voices on the TV show playing in the background.

6/14/23- The past three weeks have just flown by. Some of the pups had visits from their future families, going for car rides, and having their first baths. Bonnie has had another bout of mastitis, anand although cleared from that, her boobies are very tender and she has put her feet down to  prevent them from nursing.  Weaned a bit early for my taste, but they did well at four weeks. At 5 weeks I had a sneaking suspicion coccidia was starting to run through them so I used a preventative doage treatment and dusted their food with Cocci guard and poops are swinging between cow plops and solid little logs. 6 week temperament tests were done over a period of two days.  Most pups fell into the 5-6 range for most categories.  All pups blossomed right before my eyes when provided with one on one interaction with me.  Some like Cain, scored in the lower numbers with serious skill in the LGD aptitude bracket.  Pups like Captain and Joe Brown scored in the higher numbers with aptitude for companion role as well as LGD.  El Paso was the slowest to open up, Snow acted like it was "old hat and provide a bigger challenge next time".  Rain was so happy to have me all to herself she barely left my side, making some of the tests difficult to guage.   The most surprising part was the "prey drive" category, ALL pups scoring in the lower numbers meaning we'll have to watch their "chase" instinct. My days will be spent redirecting their behavior from toy play to quiet interactive STATIONARY toys.  Click on each pups page to find out how they did.

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