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Rocky Mountain Companion Dog puppy Fennario Kennels Evergreen Colorado

"Help On The Way"

Outcross RMCD - Wharf Rat lines

Reg # FEN500-BFA3      male

D.O.B -  7/20/22

Birth Notes: 3rd born, sac on, head first. small puppy, had to stimulate breathing. 

American Alsatian August West

Sire: August West             Dam: UUU Elevation (In'Sh'Allah)

Temperament tests and notes

3 day notes

3 week plus ENS notes

A nice chill puppy with a good sense of humor.  A swimmer puppy potential he is handled often to help strengthen his legs and get them under him.  He takes it all in stride and doesn't fuss much when they others kick him off the milk bar.  Definately an Auggie puppy, his ears may stand up. (!!!!)  He  will look alot like his half sister "Better Weather" (2019)  WOTFRed | shawnasdoglife

Score     7-8        Collar Color: black      weight:  16.5 oz

*Helper had consistent handling in his infancy due to swimmer puppy syndrome.

Very social, works to get to humans and desires contact. Tries to play with us already. Went very still when turned over, strong eye contact. Righted himself at the first opportunity.  Accepting and quiet for the dangle. Hit the ground running when put back in the nest, playng with puppy closest to him.

Score  7-8       Physical features:  small ears may stand   weight 

ENS days 5 through 11. Performed all exercises while working with him to reform his chest. He took all of them in and remained at a good spot with his coping mechanisms.

6 week notes plus Score card

Six weeks will tell us how vocal are they? How likely are they to be sensitive to thunder storms and the like. These scores tell us more about their permanent placement possibilities, where their talents and skills excel, and where they will need work.  6 weeks also gives us a fair idea of their eventual size.

Score         Physical features:                    weight 

A "Helper"
Photo Journal

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