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Past Litter -  Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs

Whelped                                                     Litter name:                                                      Breed:                           
July 20th 2022                                              Blues for Allah 1                     Maremma x GSD x Malamute (Auggie)



In'Sh'Allah=Type: B1                     group: B81            Auggie =     Type: C                       group: H5.a

Both parents are Embark'd CLEAR 

OFA Certification HD CLEAR


August West, our top stud and the reason we do one last shot in there. This is truly a gift from the Universe, Auggie's last hurrah, as he has been having prostate problems. The prostate of an active stud dog is a delicate organ, and as he aged, so did it's health. The male dog's prostate is what makes a "tie" and subsequent conception possible.  Auggie has not achieved a full tie in a few years, and we have been using his stored sperm for artificial insemination.  In my absence, During InShAllahs season he and she got together a few times accidentally, but no tie or even en"entry" was observed. They were NEVER left unattended, so I am positive of this.  Auggie was able to get enough swimmers in there with what breeders refer to as a "slip-tie". I swear that the names were chosen prior to this being a realization. This makes Slipknot! even more special.

The only one that came from Mithril I believe (DNA tests are pending results, but I know my dogs well enough to be confident in this information).  


First and foremost we FINALLLY AFTER ALL THIS TIME have an Auggie legacy that is worth his calibuer.  Dave has been Auggie's "life partner" and vice versa they have been inseparable for seven years.  So this is Dave's new puppy, his Auggie puppy. Secondly, and most important to our breeding program is that we FINALLY have an Auggie legacy that is worth his caliber. Pulling fully away from the previous genetics of Irish Wolfhounds and german shepherds and malamutes. Tapping into InShAllah's background and temperament to improve on the few tweaks I would like to see happen in Auggie's temperament.  She has a much more solid back end, allowing us to improve the cow hocks that were thrown with previous Auggie litters.   

This pairing is totally unrelated and has a COI of 0% - genetic diversity is HIGH and neither parent is a genetic carrier of any condition that will affect this current or future generations of Rocky Mountain Companion Dogs.


Reservations for this litter are:


1. Fennario pick (Solomon)

2.  Martin(Paradise)

3.  Perez  (Help on the Way)

4. Ryan - (Windy)

5. Bradford - Slipknot!

6. Sage- reserved

Last Updated 10/20/22

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8/28/22 - The Blues for Allah pups and the Without A Net pups have been brought together and moved into their puppy quarters in the barn. It was a very smooth transition. We are VERY lucky we have such nice females, that (I believe) genuinely care about each other and are good share - ers.  This is testament to the excellent temperament I have running through my lines. The pieces and parts of a Colorado Mountain Dog that makes them stand apart from other LGD breeds is their ability to accept familiar dogs.  We are feeding puppy chow currently - supplementing with various types of simple protiens. Salmon, chicken, tuna. This weekend they will get a few puppy safe bones to sample and we'll see how the poops go.  Speaking of poops, we have had great luck with our coccidia prevention protocol (knocks on wood) and the little puppy poops have been solid and non smelly. No concerns with that at all.  THESE PUPPIES ARE SO SO CUTE!! You guys I'm not kidding this is one of the cutest litters I've ever seen.  Especially Helper has such expression on his little round face. He has learned to sucker me into belly rubs and will insert himself right under my hand if I hold it out.  Windy cocks her head when you talk to her, and she ENGAGES with eye contact....truly listens to you.  Solomon is Auggie toned down by InShAllah's demure way of being.  Dare I say it?  Solomon doesn't have Auggie's "over-acheiver" personality trait.  This trait is desirable to a point. Auggie can be exhausting if he needs to get something just right he'll bug you to train him.  Yeah....its a little much sometimes.

SlipKnot is a HOOT!! Oh my goodness what a fun little puppy. She's up for any adventure.  The other bigger pups can be hard on her, being a little more rough with her because she just takes it, without much fight back. She usually squeels after a bit...then I go rescue her.  Sage is my favorite personality.  She is more than likely not Mithril's but Auggie's. (DNA tests still pending)  She reminds me of Auggie very much. Her and Solomon have pretty much the same personality and body build, but she is white, Solomon is wolf sable.   She will be genetically e/e, aw/aw, ii/ii  - bred with a "Blue" (Eg) should produce blue wolf sable.  So....we may keep her around, not sure yet. Paradise is the only pup from this litter I am confident is Mithril's.  She will look just like him, big burly girl with broad chest and shoulders for a female.  Quiet, a little pushy, a little demanding at times she is the only of the litter that has a tendency to find the highest point available to perch and observe.  I expect her 6 week temp tests to be on the lower numbers - ideal for an LGD career path.

8/16/22 - What the heck happened to all my notes! Arg!'s what I remember from the birth: easy. Quiet. InShAllah ate and ate and ate after all pups were breathing, nursing and sleeping well.  These babes were kinda skinny, when 1st born, but she stayed with them for the next 24 hours and they were fat and round by then.  The first week, slipknot and help on the way; our runts, developed "swimmer syndrome" .  Thats were they spent most of their time flat on their chest. Then the chest forms flat. If not corrected in infancy, the pup will not be able to use its front legs. Careful handling and holding them in such a way that we could reform the chest to normal. Today, all these puppies are up and walking and playing and being normal pups. Coccidia started to creep in, but we upped our prevention protocol and sent it packing. Today, all pups ate their first meal. It was Esbillac and canned puppy food made into a gruel.  King Solomon was the first one there, and the last one to leave. Helper, the clown of the bunch, kept moving from dish to dish, seemingly sampling all there was to offer.  Paradise was fully involved, feet in the dish and food ALL over her face. Four Winds, almost slept through it, when I woke her she got right up and headed over to the food court.  Sage was in and out, sleeping with a full belly before any of the others were done.  InShAllah is doing very well. She is spending all night outside of the nest. She got a crash course in housebreaking with a new litter whelped inside, however she had a tough time with peeing at night on the living room.   We took a few days and had her confined on a baby puppy schedule.  2 hours confined, 1 hour out, supervised.  I am VERY happy with this litter

9/15/22 - Seven weeks already!  Pups have been growing like crazy and all doing well with no issues. They eat and eat and eat and eat sometimes four times a day. All eleven eat communally and I've only heard one puppy get angry about sharing dishes last week and that was Sage. She was scolded immediately and hasn't repeated the behavior as of yet. Slipknot and Helper are always the first ones to come greet me at the bottom of the stairs, closely followed by Paradise.  Although the two litters sometimes get rolled into one in my mind - they are distinctly different in almost every way personality wise. BFA is so much more of a companion temperament than WAN litter.  King Solomon seems to have understood his role in life and acts as a little prince already.  Windy is always up for a good time, involving herself in what-ever we are doing, but somehow staying out of my way and not getting underfoot.  We had some children come and visit to help with puppy socialization.  Helper sought to be the star of the show, slipknot close behind. Paradise was the first pup to approach the kids on her own.  Windy stayed on the fringes watching with curious optimism. In'Sh'Allah spends time in the yard with the pups and has a BLAST playing with them. Neither mom discriminates with the pups, sharing time with them off and on. Puppies are completely weaned and have received a few treatsies like cooked chicken and homemade salmon treats.

Fennario Social Hour

Fennario Social hour - puppies right to left - Solomon, Helper, Baloo, Sage, Windy. Adults, In'Sh'Allah (white), mom of puppies and Uncle Otto (black)

9/30/22 - All puppies received their shots and their worming series.  Everyone did very well, and there were no adverse reactions.  Windy is the gang leader for getting into things. I swear everyone watches her for guidance on how to deal with things. If Windy is happy, everybody's happy. She's the highest scoring puppy of both litters and it really shows.   Slipknot is our class clown. If she had thumbs she'd be making bunny ears over their heads at picture time.  Paradise is ALWAYS dirty. Even after ear cleaning and a rub down, SECONDS later she's got mud on her. Help on the Way knows he's destined for great things...he acts like a spoiled little Prince. He's adopted a little whine when he feels uncomfortable.   His future owners should know that the FIRST time something works for him, he will try THAT thing over and over again, - because it worked "once" - its bound to work again.  For instance he whined once, and I said "Oh poor puppy whats wrong?" making a fuss over him. Now he whines when he wants special attention.  Solomon is getting ready to transition to Dave's pet dog. He will live in the house and go through everything a normal household pet would.   Sage hangs back, quietly watching the works. She is looking more and more like her mom, with the same connection to the ancients that her mom has.   Beautiful little face, she will probably be the same size as her mom at maturity.  

Pups are 8 weeks this weekend, and can start going home anytime. (Although I wouldn't be upset if they stayed for a while.

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