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Whelping due                                                    Litter name:                                                      Breed:                           
 July 20th 2022                         Blues for Allah 1            Anatolian x Maremma x Great Pyrenees

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W2E Mithril of CNK

Mithril information

UUU Elevation of CNK


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1. Fennario pick

2.  Koivisto

3.  Zelenka

4. Blair

this pairing was brought together to establish an outcross line to my Colorado Mountain Dog. The dam was selected for her smaller size, excellent coat type and easy going nature.    The sire was selected for his background genetics. He is of King Boaz lines, a full brother to "Otto, The Other One".  

In'Sh'Allah has matured nicely with a natural desire to please that makes her so easy to live with. Her coat is dense but not long except for her mane, which stands up proudly giving her a regal appearance when alert. Discerning with her barks, she doesn't waste the energy sounding off one bark at a time when necessary.   Mithril has a rangy bark, using it when necessary.   We expect an easy to control vocality in most of these pups, watching carefully in our early temperament tests for any that are over excessive.  The mellowness of both parents will give us a nice stable temperament in the pups, scores should all be in the higher numbers giving us a temperament well suited for companion dogs.