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"Wake of the Flood"



Canine Professional

Based in Evergreen Colorado with over 30 years experience in all fields of canine care.

Direwolf Guardians


Over 30 years experience with a stellar reputation for a gentle compassionate approach. Specializing in caring for the

"whole dog" ,  knowledge of skin disorders and their treatments.

Quality - Style - Passion.      

Dog gooming in Evergreen Colorado
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Direwolf Guardians
Service Dog Trainer
September 12th 2020
Details to follow
AA Crossword
Download and Play!

Service Dog Training Program

NEW!! click here for

Info, pics and news

Due 3rd week of August 2020
Aoxomoxoa Litter

and the winner is.......


Click HERE to see the match report and

waitlist for this litter - 

Ameican Alsatian Direwolf Dog

Education is what remains after one has forgotten

what one has learned in school.  - Albert Einstein

Learn More about

American Alsatian Direwolf Dogs - 

A large breed companion dog with little prey drive and a mellow disposition. A Lamb in Wolf's clothing

"Mulan" is TopperxBambi

3 generations away from "August West"


"Bear Presley"

American Alsatian Direwolf Dog

The Dire Wolf

Learn more about the largest canine to ever walk the earth!



Evergreen, CO

Email: direwolfdog@outlook.com

Mobile: 720-369-0736

Located in Evergreen Colorado, with a gorgeous view of Mt. Evans and plenty hospitality - visitors are welcome by appointment please. 
 Fennario would prefer to deliver all puppies if possible, but we can ship puppies only if hand delivery is not a viable option for us.
Direwolf Guardian Service Dogs and their training are only offered through Fennario to the continental United States.

Fennario's Blog

Explore American Alsatiian Direwolf Dog breeder Shawna Davies' thoughts and her attempt to share them with you!

AA pic 

of the week

American Alsatian 

Fan Art Gallery

Dire Wolf Dog by Sydney Dirkswager
Digital Art by Madeliene Ball

"Eye-Rah AKA Magnus"

(August West x Toodles)

Photo credit Don Mulligan

Heading 1


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