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A new day in the Life....

It's been a while since we've given an update on Bonnie Lee. She has achieved so much from one year to two years old I can hardly keep up with her. In March 2022 she tested and passed for Therapy Dog registration with Pet Partners. The support she has provided to the folks that have met her so far is amazing. To see her talents blossom with those in need is rewarding for everyone involved. It has been a challenge both financially and time-wise to accumulate all the necessary certifications and testing to get to this point. Training, travel to and from, equipment, educational material, fees and licensing. Pet Partners Therapy Dogs are 100% volunteer. There is one last hurdle for us, and thats to submit payment. I've started a Go-Fund-Me page to help with that, as the window for registration closes June 2nd. Anything donated goes directly to Pet Partners Therapy Dog program and is much appreciated.

Her health has been outstanding. One quirk has developed lately. She will eat too fast , then go throw up in a corner. We started using a puzzle dish, that slows her down and she keeps it down. I understand at least one of her pups with Oberon has the same issue.

Bonnie has picked up a new hobby. Drafting/carting has become her favorite way to start the morning. I can't believe how much this dog loves this sport. The harness comes out and she's all in! Whatever work she is presented with that morning, she snaps right into the work mode needed. Then at night she "clocks out" and is huggly snuggle Bonnie. We would LOVE to bring Delilah into the process, eventually having a mother daughter team. Of the two girls from the Europe '72 litter that we have here with us, Delilah Jones has a better build for such things. The mellowness to be able to focus on the road ahead instead of what's going on all around her is a positive trait. China Cat has a smaller frame and feet, not suitable for pulling.

China Cat Sunflower is still looking for her furever home, but in the meantime I am having SO MUCH FUN with her. A natural at leash work, I take her to work at the groom shop and she gayly greets the dogs that come in for grooming. A line from "her" song

"Proud walking jingle like a Queen Chiming."

Thats her, in a nutshell. She is my rock-gut dog. She can handle food switches and off the wall ingestions like a champ. China is 100% trustworthy with our puppies, gentle and cautious with their little bodies. Click here to visit her page .

Auggie has been his usual wonderful self. All the ladies he has lined up makes him a little squirrely sometimes. He is spending most of his time with the younger boys, mentoring them. I notice the "boy yard" calms down and is quieter while he's in there. As long as his doggy-daddy Dave checks in on him once in a while, he's just fine with everything. No medical issues to report; as always...his health is wonderful.

Pearl has matured into a statuesque Colorado Mountain Dog, with a regal presence of a lion. mmm....for a minute. Then she'll trip over something and fall into clown mode. Her vocal issue has quelled some.

Delilah Jones was a little bit of a handful her first three months. She has bonded to our household, becoming one of the easiest dogs we have here at Fennario. She may be the quietest. Choosing not to join in when the others all rush to the fence, she stays behind a bit. Patient, compliant and especially wonderful bone structure, we will be paring her with an Auggie son not directly related to Bonnie. She has nice eye shape, slant up in the corners, making her smile with her whole face.

Otto the Other One keeps filing out into a magnificent creature. When he stands at attention his ruff and mane make him look like a big black lion. He is the most velcro of our crew, bathing in the oxytocin and dopamine rush with his whole body. On walks he doesn't pull on the leas AT ALL, sticking to a close heel on a loose leash. He is my 2nd most "rock gut" dog. We can switch foods easily with not much upset. He doesn't shed much, so what ever gets in his coat stays in his coat a little longer than my white dogs.

Stoic but alert to his surroundings, Rider lets you wrap yourself around him in breathe in his essence for as long as you want. He's got a Mack truck body, beautifully full head, and a full plume tail that is expressive. He will wait his turn for attention but too much time of consistently ignoring his emotional needs and he turns to barking at ....whatever. A preference for his yard, this guy would be a homebody with little tendency to wander if he has enough at home for him.

Our littlest puppy Anthem is growing up quick, being the only full time puppy here her age. Mature adults don't let her get away with much. She is playful and people loving. Calm and watchful, she likes to play quietly with her toys. She gets the zoomies only occasionally - a new thing for the CMD I have been working with who seem to be zoomie-less. I really like her coat with the full mane it has. Healthy and solid, she has a perfect little head, her gait is wonderful and she tolerates grooming very well.

Althea has lost her wonter coat with her spring shed coinciding with her whelp shed, all her under coat is gone. Which is nice, one less thing to worry about. She had an ear infection a few weeks ago. Applecider vinegar solution twice a day for 7 days and it is cleared up. She has bounced back from her pregnancy with a vengance. Althea may have been one of the most attentive mother dogs we've had for some time. Still able to have her pups come and visit, she is still attentive to them and mentors them with human interaction. Smiling is her favorite hobby.

In'Sh'Allah (pictured above right with Bonnie Lee left) is currently in season, and will be meeting her new beau Mithril (pictured right) in just a couple of days. He is coming to us form Crack O Noon kennels, who have raised him with goats and chickens. These two will give us the first

Blues for Allah litter.

In'Sh'Allah has been confined to the house with all these boys running around. She has adapted wonderfully and is no trouble inside as long as you put your shoes up at night. She'll nibble on them if you don't. Fit as a fiddle and healthy as a horse. Her hips were xrayed last month, OFA hip rating certification is pending, but the vet said the xray looks normal to her unofficial eye. I hope to keep her coat in my lines for sometime. Easy maintenance, stays white, a full mane and tail with dense low shed fur on her body.

And last but not least my guppies. I developed this strain to thrive in the ponds that are part of the bio-system the "Grow Dome" . The fourth generation bred, raised and propegated in temps below 70 degrees. They seem to do well as low as 60 degrees.

I released this winter's batch 2 days ago and they are doing great. We have 3 yellow, 2 red males. 5 females all from last summer's batch of Fennario's guppies.

I want an extra long dorsal fin so their color is easily visible when seen from above. Growing spaces ponds are usually chest high, and entirely opaque black. The tails should NOT be extra long but spade shaped, as they will have to navigate 900 gallons of water in their environment. Speed is a need. I have one male with a tendril coming off the middle of his tail. He is now of breeding age so lets see if more come about.

"Education begins when you forget what you've learned in school" - Mark Twain

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