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Past Litter - Timbers of Fennario Kennels

Whelped                                                                     Litter name:                                                      Breed:                           
 Jan 31 2022                                   Anthem of the Sun                 Colorado Mountain Dogs


-Moses has been amazing both as a working dog and a family companion. We have seen him work alongside our other CMD alert and deter coyotes that were approaching the goats. He’s great at his job as an LGD but will find any chance he can to show affection to people. His whole body will start wiggling when he see’s someone coming his way.... He’s a home body and will stay close to his people. He loves kids and plays with ours regularly. He ...enjoys keeping our horses and donkeys protected. He stays pretty quiet but he does have a loud, large bark while alerting at potential predators. He is friendly and not aggressive towards other dogs,...he really has been incredible.

- "Moses" Owner testimony 


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What we expect to achieve with this litter:


A solid cooperative & joyful temperament is the primary reason for bringing these two third generation Colorado Mountain Dogs together. 

Althea's easy joy and Moses' mellow intelligence will give us wonderful family and farm companions to move forward into our program.  We will be expecting most of these pups to be appropriate for professional Therapy.


Althea - 50 days pregnant

pedigree five generations on the Anthem Litter (Moses x Althea)  - This pedigree is CLASSIC example of line breeding. In this instance, we are following "Caspian's line down through four generations of Colorado Mountain Dogs.  On Althea's side, Caspian himself is in every generation, diversifying genetics in every generation as well.    On the Moses line, every generation is directly descended from the same pairing of Caspian and Snow.    These two lines being brought together at the fifth generation from the same pairing will bring us a litter that is the culmination of careful selction for the particular attributes that founded the Colorado Mountain Dog..

3/30/22 - Pups received their shots and worming on Monday and Tuesday. Everything was uneventful - no puppies seemed bothered by either procedure. The worming is hidden inside a bite or two of canned food. All I can say is these are very food motivated dogs.  Sweetie and TiToo were the only ones who didn't get all spinny-eyed at the new sensation in their mouth. Last week we had children over for socialization. We missed the toddler/kindergarden group this time (we couldn't seem to get the timing down).  Anthem was the self appointed star of the show for each event.  Alli, surprisingly, wasn't into the commotion.  I've noted some resource guarding creeping into the litter. Caboose being the most worrisome. He's gotten a lesson or too from the human mommy.  Pouted for a while then he went right back to it. Caution will stand in her bowl and make growly noises.  The easiest time of day for me is bedtime. All pups put themselves to bed somewhere around 8:30. By the time I go to close up at 9 pm they are sacked out.  Poops are "OK". Stool sample is negative for coccidia, so it is not the cause the occasional loose pudding pile.  I'm not too worried about it - like I said these pups like food and put everything in their mouths .  Vocality has picked up - Feedback and Cowboy - both can be heard scolding their siblings for having a toy. I put a box in the yard the other day. Cowboy barked at it for almost 15 minutes.  Feedback met a few young deer that got close to the fence and she sounded off an appropriate alarm. The other pups either ignored them or ran into their kennel.  I've got quite a few holes in the yard. Mostly at the edges, a couple little starters in the middle.  Watch for that, as they are fast about it - I haven't been able to spot the Insta-Gator. ;)

3/12/22 - Hard to believe these guys will be six weeks old this week. There's much to do coming up - car rides, leash introduction, treat foods. This litter has been inside longer than any other litter we've had recently. Temps have been too low for the overnights of very young pups. A shortage of available straw to purchase also makes it a bit difficult. However, today we plan on trying to get them out into their yard at least for the day. First time meeting snow - pics are a must.  We will also be getting a few children to drop by and meet them. Poops have finally straightened out to be between solid and pudding, semi-formed.  Appetites are wonderful, increasing normally.  They may need some extra conditioning to stay alone in a kennel, as the highlight of their day is interaction with people.  They LOVE people, and don't like to be "cut-off" from human involvement.  When a blanket is placed over their gate so they can't see out, most will protest loudly and attempt to resolve the problem by trying to get through the bars of the gate.   Of course, they do not meet a friendly reception when that happens. *sigh* it's so hard being a disciplinarian when their little tails get wagging. And oh boy do they wag.  The curl of the Shepherds crook will be a blessing later on in life, keeping their happy tails away from coffee tables and tangly brush.

3/6/22- Lots and lots has happened over the past two or so weeks. These pups may be my favorite litter of the year. very personable, attentive, affectionate and cooperative.   The two boys are very open to direction.  Alli, Anthem and Evie are the same. TiToo, Feedback and Caution are more independent thinkers.  TiToo worries me a bit. She will need a consistent disciplinary upbringing and someone to ride her ass when it comes to manners.  Sweetie is the only one that doesn't give me indication of independence or cooperative.  I'd call her perfectly average.  We've gotten ahold of a deal on ProPlan puppy food, so that is what they eating currently, supplemented by powdered goats milk every other meal.  The switch was abrupt, as uncle Otto helped himself to the last of the Nutrena puppy food, we had too little to do a proper gradual switch. Loose stools have ensued, along with uberlaundry.  Keeping them out of it has been a full time job.  This morning they all got a little bath, and ALL did SUPER good. No wailing or flailing.   Fully weaned now, they still enjoy mobbing mom for milk if she happens to go into range. Althea will indulge them for just a few minutes then she asks to come out. She has been an excellent momma dog. Not once did she step on or lay on a puppy, has not snapped at them or even stolen their kibble.  They've spent the nicer weather days outside. Not a peep most of the day (unless they see mom).  They like food. ALOT.  It will be a prime motivator for training but I would advise tapering off treats once the task or lesson has been learned. Becoming obsessed with what is in your hand or even counter surfing/garbage raiding could develop if not kept in check. Most weigh 6.5 lbs give or take, except for Caboos at a whopping 7.8 lbs., and lil spitfire TiToo - just barely making 6 lbs even.

2/12/22-Althea is feeling much better. We took her to visit the doc shortly after my last writing.  Throughout the afternoon her mastitis did not improve so I was apprehensive about her condition through the night. She does very well and is accepting of multiple people dealing with her so she did not stress very much at all.  Her pups were still sleeping when we returned. A round of Cephlexin and a mild anti-inflammatory she in much better spirits too.   We will be giving the pups probiotic gel as some of the antibiotic will make it through to her milk.   Weights on pups range from 27 oz (Evie) to 33 oz (Caboose), with all pups gaining or holding at a consistent rate.

2/10/22 - 10 days is a milestone for neonatal pups. Most often the first glimmer of an eye will show right around this time.  Pups are all doing well and no one is lagging behind in weight gain, although they all seem a little slow on the uptake the past couple days, and all pups have stalled gaining.   Althea may beginning to show signs of mastitis, one of her rear teats feels hard and hot. We've taken to covering it with cabbage leaves 4 times a day. We'll get ahold of the vet by the 12th if there is no improvement. Cowboy is still the most notable one, striking out on his own and crying for help to get back. Titoo has started doing this as well. Evie has trouble asserting herself during mealtime. I usually have to go and shove a couple of the already full pups out of the way so she can get a good spot at the milk bar. Her opposite is Caboose. He's first in line and keeps his spot for the entire meal.  Anthem sleeps on her back most times. All pups twitch but she's more active during sleep than the others.  Lots of complaining noises from Feedback. She makes her intentions known. Sweetie will notice human presence, turn into your touch and "sing" (humms and coos) while she eats.   

2/4/22 - 3 day temperament tests went great. Over-with quickly as there wasn't much to do.  Much of the reactions I am looking for happened under hour to hour observation of them.  They are very easy to read and open about their desires and upsets.  We have used a heating pad in one corner of the whelping box, which is lined by a 1" thick runner mat. The pups all adjust their positions to keep themselves comfortable; moving off when they are warm, moving onto it when moms not available to warm themselves.  Althea is still wonderful with them. We haven't had to rescue any from underneath her, and they stay neatly packed together when she takes a respite from her nest. They are pretty quiet over-all.I did note that both Cowboy and TiToo got lost in one end of the box and squallered for mom to guide them back instead of finding her on their own. It's those observations that guide me to watch for insecutrity in those two pups as they grow. 

1/31/22 - CONGRATULATIONS! Althea proud mommy of 9 bitty babies. Weights names/corresponding i.d. collars are coming soon. She started to deliver around 10 am and was finally done by 5 pm.  She took a deep sleep after the sixth puppy born, then the last three came into the world one after the other in a 90 minute period.  She's interested in all foods but her own kibble (of course) she gets goats milk with keifer for the first 24 hours. Lots of probiotics and calcium to help her recovery. Puppies are quiet so far, they pile together nicely. They have a very relaxed vibe about them.

1/22/2022- Mama is getting BIG. I'd say we have more than six pups in there. She's slowed down on her appetite - this is normal when the brood is big enough to make it uncomfortable to have a full stomach. Not much room in there. We've begun to give her smaller portions, a few times a day.  She is also practicing her house manners more and more each day. We've introduced her to her whelping box. Soon it will be humming with little life.

1/1/21 - Althea is due in about two weeks - and she's already got a little pregnancy pouch.   She has slowed down a little, not that she was ever fast, but there's a noticable difference in her mannerisms...less puppy-ish. She has taken to hanging out closely with Pearl, which is fine with us because Pearl knows the ropes of the house and can help us introduce Althea when the time comes.   Moses sired a litter that was born today and Moses' owners were kind enough to share. Looks like he has potential for silver wolf sable which makes me tingle. A few girls in there too they tell me.  Althea is getting food supplements like cooked chicken meat, apples, Stella and Chewy's freeze dried raw patties mixed in with puppy kibble. 

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